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I’m an independent photographer based in New York, NY. Before moving here from northern California, I was a staff photojournalist at The Sacramento Bee where I covered everything from the community’s diverse population, politics, wildfires, homelessness, to The World Series and Super Bowl 50 where I shared the field with Beyoncé.

Born in Portland, Ore., I attended the University of Oregon, where I earned a bachelor of arts in journalism with a focus in photojournalism and multimedia. I had the wonderful privilege of attending the 40th Mountain Workshops in October 2015 and was a student at the Eddie Adams Workshop XXIX in October 2016.

I’m a first-generation Cambodian-American and a proud member of the Asian American Journalists Association. Most importantly, future stories I plan to tell are highly motivated by my passion to create equality, equity, and celebrate diversity in our communities and institutions.

My work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Narratively, Der Spiegel Online, The Guardian and, among others.

Other than the visual arts and documenting the human experience I enjoy daydreaming, being under a nice tree canopy, and eating my body weight in food.

I'm available for freelance work and commissions throughout New York and the east coast.

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